I hate homework too!

I’m procrastinating – a lot. Not in the good way where I get a jillion things done while I’m avoiding what I should be doing. I’m doing nothing. I have a big ole stack of paperwork from my daughters’ schools and I haven’t even made a dent in it. There are field trip permission slips, computer use permission slips, class schedules, handbooks and every other form that I’ve signed in triplicate since who knows when. None of those I mind but I still haven’t done them.

Why? Because when I finish those, I have to do the “tell us about your child” questionnaires.  For my oldest, I have to email her teacher with the details. Who are they? What do they enjoy? What are their best qualities and what are their struggles? I know my girls, really I do, but I never know what to say about them. I especially struggle with the “are there any situations at home you’d like me to know about?” question.  It’s always the last question. I think so you can use the back if you need extra room. I always need extra room.

How do you tell them that yes, there are concerns without making them uncomfortable? My concerns? They may be distracted on the days they know I have a CT scan. They may also be distracted on the days they know I’m getting the results. It used to be routine. Easy.  Nothing to worry about. Until it wasn’t. Until the day they came home and I had to tell them the drug didn’t work anymore.  So yeah, keep an extra eye on my babies if they seem preoccupied.  If you could also keep the cancer mortality statistics to a minimum in health class that’d be great!


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