Why Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese with my Whine.

Ok, I know I started this blog (or restarted as the case may be) to vent about this that and the other thing but wow. I just reread the 3 whole posts so far and I feel like I either need to get a prescription for happy pills, my medical marijuana card or go stand in front of that bus people always tell them could hit them when they’re trying to make me feel better.  I can only imagine how you all are feeling about now.

It’s daughter #2’s fault – she hid my swedish fish. I complained (shocking I know) about how I don’t have any willpower when it comes to sugar and how it doesn’t mix well with my meds. So she hid them from me. She took my candy canes too. You know the ones, the after Christmas sale canes you buy en masse and let them get all chewy and yummy. You don’t? Hmm. Clearly I have a problem.

Anyway, that’s my deal and I’ll snap out of it when the shaking and sweating stop. In the meantime I think I saw a stray pixie stick in the cupboard. I wonder if there are any fruity pebbles to put it on?


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