I should have eaten my veggies

Have you ever really ever given any thought to what you ate before you gave birth? As in, the very last meal before you pushed that tiny little invader out of your body? We’re in birthday season around our house – one each month from June to October. Inevitably the topic of the day they were born comes up. Usually it involves something along the lines of:

Me: “Be nice to me – you were over 9lbs when you were born!”

D1-3 (because that’s what I’ve decided to call my girls for anonymity sake and because I lack creativity): “We know mom, you’re our hero. We’re sorry we put you through that! You gave us life, can we get you anything? More wine?”

Ok, maybe I made that up but yeah, the topic does come up and I DO mention that none of them were less than 9lbs. There are variations though and this year, for reasons I don’t remember, the food thing came up. I guess it started with D2 wanting hot wings as part of her birthday meal. I mentioned that the night before she was born we went to my favorite hot wing place and pigged out. Well she’s our spicy girl….will eat about anything as long as it has tons of flavor. I failed to mention the great Italian meal we had the night she was conceived. We’ll keep that for another time.

D1 then asked her food story. I had gone in for a checkup, she wasn’t moving like she should so they sent us for breakfast. We walked over the hospital cafeteria and had pancakes. She’s now our bread girl. This is the child who ate an entire loaf of wheat bread on the drive from eastern Pennsylvania to New York when she was 14 months old. She will eat pancakes, French toast and waffles until they come out her ears! She will get a baguette at farmer’s market and have most of it gone before we know it. I blame her French genes. She once came home from a friend’s birthday sleepover bragging about how she’d eaten 15 pieces of French toast. A discussion about etiquette followed as did complete avoidance of the girl’s mother!

D3 on the other hand, will pass up anything and everything for a bowl of frozen berries or a fruit smoothie. She was overdue and I read that raspberry tea and/or pineapple will help induce labor. I drank a pot of berry tea and ate a large can of pineapple the night before she was born. We also had sex but I didn’t want to scar her so I left that part out. I went into labor with her at 4:30am and she was born at 6:10am after 2 pushes. I don’t know if it was the tea, pineapple, sex or the fact that D2 & 3 are so close together I was still dilated from her sister but we’re getting off track. You’re welcome for the labor inducing tips though.

I’d never thought about all of that before but with each child, there are distinct ties to the foods that surprised us. It was a fun conversation. Think about it and get back to me. If I don’t respond right away it’s probably because this blog opened up doors for us and we’re now part of a million $$ research grant on the effects of prenatal food and our children.  You can say you knew me when.


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