Mom Math

Twix bar Purchased March 2005 in Atlanta, GA, USA

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I have 3 mini Twix bars in the cupboard and 3 children who will  want one in their lunch.

Do I?:

A)  Have an apple so my girls can each have one.

B)  Eat one and then pick my 2 favorite children to give them to tomorrow.

C)  Eat all 3 and hide the wrappers so nobody knows they were ever available.

D)  Eat all 3 then go buy another package so I can eat all but 3 and end up back where we started –  1 for each girl. (This cycle can be repeated as many times as necessary.)

I’m afraid if the correct answer isn’t painfully obvious we might not be able to be friends.


12 thoughts on “Mom Math

  1. Dear Best Friend,
    The answer is OBVIOUSLY C or D. Or anything that involves eating 3 Twix. Because Twix are just the best. The absolute best.

    I, myself, veer towards C. Hide all evidence. Never let anyone know they were available.

    • Hello new BFF – thanks for stopping by!
      Yes, both C or D are acceptable. C is the most logical one for the reasons you listed but D is the choice on garbage day when all evidence will be gone before school gets out.

  2. The rule is always pick C, but in this case, gotta go with D … you need your calcium (chocolate) and serotonin (carbs) so you can take care of those kids.

    PS Full disclosure: I am not a doctor, but I watch Grey’s Anatomy.

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