Hold a Grudge Much?

It’s raining today – not just raining but dumping buckets. Days like this always bring back memories. Not of jumping in puddles or singing under my umbrella as I merrily skipped my way to school. 

I remember that on mornings like this, my mom always got in the shower right as it was time for me to leave for school instead of giving me a ride. I walked to school – several blocks. Or might have been 10 miles – uphill both ways in the snow. That part is a little hazy.

But my mother’s horrible betrayal and refusal to give me a ride in the rain? THAT I remember. Clearly. Ah, the eyes of a child. A bitter wet little child on her way to school in the pouring rain – likely to get pneumonia and die in the street. I wondered where my kids got the drama.

In truth, it might have only happened once or twice but to me it was always. Sure, she usually had homemade baked goods for me after school and in my lunch. She may have stayed up late to make me a new dress the night before my 2nd grade program because I didn’t tell her about it until bedtime. Like I said, the other details are hazy. My cold lonely shivering walk in the rain is not. Why? Because the  bitch made me get wet a couple of mornings in middle school. Or was it jr. high or high school? Who knows, but it trumps the cookies and new dresses in the mind of a child, or was it moody adolescent?

In the mind of a parent however, as I shove my kids out the door into the rain to stand at the bus stop 10 minutes before it gets here, it all takes on a little different perspective. The water is good for them and D2 has the kind of hair that looks best when it gets rained on a little. That’s why they have rain coats.  Geez, that coffee isn’t going to pour itself you know and I need to get in the shower – I have a lunch date with friends in 3 hours.


8 thoughts on “Hold a Grudge Much?

  1. This post made me laugh, childhood adversity (such as rain) is the stuff of legend. I am happy you had baked goods, a 2nd grade dress, and did not die sopping in the street.

  2. Isn’t perspective amazing? I remember my parents abandoning me in school and having to wait MINUTES for them to pick me up.

    And you poor thing. The rain back when we were kids was really something.

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