I guess it was inevitable.

Well, it’s finally happened. I’d hoped we’d have more time but it appears that after 2o years together, and almost 17 yrs of marriage, that quiet, gentle, sweet southern boy I married has turned into…..{{drum roll please}}…..ME!

That’s right folks. He’s developed a smart mouth and it’s making me none too happy – bless his heart. Which for those of you unfamiliar with “southern speak”, can mean anything from I love you, you’re my favorite person on earth to Kiss my ass, you stupid fucker! More often that not it’s the latter of the two.

He made some smart mouth comment about something yesterday (I don’t know what it was, I wasn’t really listening) and our oldest daughter said: “He sounds like you mom”. Wait, WHAT??? Holy mother of God I’m not sure there’s room in this marriage for two of us.

I should have seen it coming a few months ago when I was having an especially witty day – one liners coming from everywhere and I was starting to wonder if I should finally print that application for Last Comic Standing.

In a momentary silence when I may or may not have stopped to take a breath, he said: “Babe, I think you should start a blog.”

To which I replied: “Why?”

He gave me that look and said: “Because I’d hate to think the rest of the world is deprived of your sarcastic wit.”

“Um, thanks?”

Bless his heart!


12 thoughts on “I guess it was inevitable.

  1. I DO NOT LIKE IT when my husband & son get all bitchy & snarky. It is the one thing I do really well & I’m not sharing the stage. Poor me a big glass of STFU & I’ll be back later.

    • Hi back – Yay for Marinka! Now I get to click over to yours….there are so many I can’t keep track of them all. Comments really help! I’m hiding the fact that I’m new to this well aren’t i?

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