Can I Take My Doughnuts With Me?

Traditional Polish pączki

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Guess what I did? I signed up to walk the Mayor’s 10k at the Portland Marathon in October. Which is not to be confused with signing up to walk the marathon in Portland like I did last year. Last year I got all cocky and thought I could walk the whole 26.2 – until my April scan went horribly wrong and I ended up in surgery in August instead. Still though, I managed to eek out a 10k exactly 2 months to the day after a surgery in which 2 large tumors, a dozen or so small ones, and 2/3 of my girlie parts were removed.

I would brag and show you a picture of me standing by the 10k sign but I erased all traces after a friend saw it and told me he loves marathons where they hand out meth along the way. Asshole! So I was looking a little tired. Biggest point of the day though – no matter how many times everyone told me I’d done well, I didn’t finish the walk I’d signed up for and planned to do. Yay me, I walked a 10k (6.2 miles for the metricly confused like me), only not so much.

This year I had planned to go along to hang out with good friends I don’t see nearly enough but I was only going to be a cheerleader because my Nexavar gives me something called hand/foot syndrome and walking is NOT my friend. In fact one of the key ways to manage this particular side effect is to avoid long walks. I’m also not supposed to sit in a sunny window and let me tell you, I laughed at that until I actually did it. Then holy crap my feet got sore! However, my plan is to wear really comfy shoes and have my frozen foot gels waiting for me. I hiked 5 miles (roundtrip) to a waterfall on Labor Day and did ok – if you don’t count not walking again for 2 days – so I should be fine.

My original “go as support” plan included sitting in a chair with my box of mouth-watering goodies from Voodoo Doughnut  as the runners went by but I think I’ll feel better about this choice. A friend who didn’t get signed up for the 1/2 marathon in time asked last night if I was interested in walking it with her and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head so I registered before I could talk myself out of it. I get to go be with friends but I also get to participate and get a cool t-shirt that I actually deserve. The story of the undeserved shirt will be a post for another day. This year I’m walking the length I planned come hell or high water – and I’ll be posting a picture of my shirt! After I wash out the jelly doughnut stains.


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