It’s Wednesday, so it must be ~ Quiz Day! YAY!

Since my Mom Math quiz last Wednesday was such a raving success – and by that I mean that you voted exactly the way I’d hoped – let’s try this again.

First a little background (on a completely made up situation of course because no way am I THAT mom):

Let’s say that my youngest is especially brilliant (because she is) and that she’s involved in a “walk to math” program where she leaves her 3rd grade classroom for an hour a day to go to a 4th grade classroom for her math lesson. It should also be noted that there are 2 other kids who do the same thing. One, a sweet little boy with a million dollar smile and that cute spiky hair you just have to touch, and “the other one”, who may or may not be a direct descendant of Sybil. I’ve seen his head spin during spelling tests so I can personally vouch for the resemblance.

Now let’s say there was an article in the paper today about the math program and the only child mentioned, photographed, and raved about is devil boy who in real life is disruptive, immature, rude to adults & teachers and just a general all around pain in the ass. Are you getting the idea? Good. Now on to my question:

If your darling child is NOT mentioned in the article, nor is the other boy or the teacher who originally started the program, and all the credit is given to the dumbass principal, and the demon child is portrayed as being “exceedingly mature, angelic and brilliant”, (whew!! can you read all that in one breath?)…..Do you:

A) Anonymously fill the newspaper online comments section with photos of said child spewing split pea soup in reading group.

B) Use it as a learning tool to show your beautiful angelic little girl (gag!) the injustice and sexism that exist in math & science curriculums everywhere.

C) Take Miralax brownies into the principal to thank him for the wonderful article on the math program.

D) Take a deep breath and relax. The best course of action is to just chill out and get over it. Because really, who’s the mature one in this situation anyway? (hint: this was only added so I could pretend to be a rational adult. Do not pick it!)

E) Chain yourself to the newspaper building until they print a full retraction, complete with photos of your daughter holding a math trophy while standing on “the other one”.  (yes we have an E this week because really, I could go on forever)

Ok maybe I am THAT mom!

I await your answers, additional suggestions and/or thoughts! Thanks!!

Hey, by the way, I’m guest posting over at The Mouthy Housewives today. You probably already know that because that’s how you ended up here but I still want to mention them! They are some of the funniest and most brilliant women ever! I’m not just saying that either. They really do crack me up! And their advice? Spot on!



10 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday, so it must be ~ Quiz Day! YAY!

    • Ok, clearly we need to have a review on reading directions but I’m pretty sure I stated NOT to pick that one….but ok, I’ll take it under consideration. Oddly, I’m not nearly as crabby as yesterday (my scan is over) so it almost seems like the reasonable choice but don’t tell anyone I said that.

    • Excellent choice – you know how fond I am of life lessons. Thanks for sending the good wishes on the scan too – yes insurance does cover postage. Nothing huge and obvious on it but we’ll see what the really doctors say on Tuesday.

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