Is That a Pee Stick On My Pillow?

Wow, my baby girl is 9 today. My youngest is quickly approaching double digits and it thrills me!! She constantly amazes me and I can’t wait to see how the rest of her story goes.

The beginning of her story went like this:

Me: (at 4am)  ‘nudge, nudge’ Wake Up! I just had a dream I’m pregnant again! ‘kick’

Him: Ugh! You haven’t even gone back to sleep since you fed the baby. Go to sleep and dream you’re not!

Me: But what if I am? I haven’t had a period.

Him: That’s because we have a 4 month old. Go back to sleep.

Me: I have a leftover pregnancy test. I’m going to go take it so I don’t stress all night.

Him: Fine, whatever, Zzzzzzzzz………

5 minutes later:

Me: Sob!  You SON OF A BITCH!!! Look what you did to me.


Him: What the hell? Did you just throw a pee stick at me?

Me: Yeah I did, you asshole! You knocked me up again!! Read it!

Him: Oh shit!

The Duggars, we aren’t. She showed up despite birth control and full-time breastfeeding (our other 2 took months to conceive) and I’m so glad she did. Sure, the first couple weeks were a shock and were tough mentally. The next few months were tough on everybody else – have you ever lived with someone who’s prenatal and postpartum at the same time? Not exactly a picnic! 

I was nervous to call and tell my parents – you’d think I was 16 with an unplanned pregnancy instead of 32. They, of course, were thrilled. My husband had our 4 yr old call his parents.  That conversation went something like this:

D1: Hi Grandma & Grandpa we’re going to have a baby.

Them: Yes, sweetheart we know you have a new baby. We’ve seen her.

D1: No, a NEW baby!

Them: We know honey. She’s beautiful.

D1: No, not her, mom has another baby in her tummy!

Them: Let us talk to Daddy.

Him: It’s true, Annie’s pregnant.

His mom: I think it’s time you learned to keep your pants zipped!

This is why he had the 4yr old call. He knows them well. Despite a rocky start, I feel like she’s absolutely supposed to be here. She was the easiest labor of the 3 even though she was the biggest (9lbs 6oz), she’s always in a good mood, easy to be around and such an old soul. I really feel like she’s done this all before and have been told that so many times. The time that really stands out was when she was 8 months old. I was in an outdoor clothing/gear store and had her in a backpack, the sales clerk – a young 20 something guy – came up to me and said “I didn’t mean to stare but I have to comment on your little girls’ eyes. They’re beautiful. Is it strange if I tell you she looks like an old soul?” I know some of you probably think that’s weird and maybe you’re right but I feel like she chose us, always have. She has things to teach us.

I have a feeling she’ll keep surprising us!


15 thoughts on “Is That a Pee Stick On My Pillow?

    • I think the reason I remember that comment the most is that the guy looked like someone who worked there only when he wasn’t out kayaking or hiking, not like someone who would comment on babies. I’m glad you have one too!

  1. Ha ha! The phone conversation made me laugh out loud! Funny story (but only because it happened to you and not me!).

    I feel that way too – I love seeing what my kids are ‘becoming.’ It’s like reading a really good book that you can’t wait to get to the next chapter in because it’s always a surprise. Enjoy your little girl’s day!

    • Thank you! I think she had a good day. That was pretty much the reaction we expected but the thought of his mother commenting on anything that has to do with his penis still grosses me out a little. I don’t care if she saw it first!

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