The Results Are In…….


Image by oletourn via Flickr

Breathe in……Breathe out…….Relax! It’s all good.

 Though I’m rarely accused of being stable, it’s my favorite word on scan results day. Today I’m stable. The lesions on my liver are the same size they were in June and nothing new has grown. It’s a good day.

I can officially move out of funky town and start paying attention to everything else – like my children and this blog – without being distracted by thoughts that those invader cells are trying to take over and kill me off. Somehow the side effects and my thin hair don’t bother me today. I’ll put on my new wide headband, put my sore feet up, pour myself a cup of good coffee and just be. It’s a good day.


11 thoughts on “The Results Are In…….

  1. Outstanding news! When I get home from work I am going to offer up a toast in your honor (and by toast, I’m not talking warm, crunchy bread).

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