And The Emmy Goes To……

Chocolate syrup - shown topping ice cream

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 I think I need to enroll my soon to be 14-year-old in drama. Or get her her own blog. I’m not sure which.

 Today she came home from school and asked for a bowl of ice cream. It’s an everyday request but today I decided that she’d had enough. She should leave some for somebody else and besides, we have left over Russian Cream and Raspberries from D3’s birthday that I really don’t want to throw away because the cost of the ingredients could finance a small country. I told her to have that instead. She didn’t go for it.

 She asked again, I said no. She kicked up the whining, I still said no. She begged so much her little sister told her to can it. Then she claimed ice cream is the only thing that gets her through the school day – knowing she can come home and have her daily vanilla with chocolate syrup. I laughed and told her she’d live through it.

 And then she tried this:

 “But Mom, I always have ice cream. It’s my routine. It’s a part of who I am and what really and truly makes me, me. When you take that away, you take away a little piece of me and that makes me sad.”

 After I stopped laughing I told her to have an apple.

 Tomorrow I’ll buy her a milkshake at her favorite homemade ice cream place because honestly, I feel like I need to pay for entertainment like that! I just won’t tell her why. We can’t be rewarding the whining now can we?


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