My Tail Wagging Pain in the Ass

The nose knows!

I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to introduce you to the other member of our family. This is Sadie, she’s an idiot but I love her anyway. She likes long walks, pancakes, things that fall off the grill and memory foam. She spent the first 8 months of her life running free on a Blackfeet Indian Reservation near here so she’ll escape whenever she can, nose to the ground, on the look out for anything that moves or smells like deer. Or cats. When she runs she doesn’t remember her name. She’s lucky she hasn’t been run over yet. 

She will also spend hours under our maple tree staring at her squirrel friend while it hangs off the branch and chatters at her. She’ll chew up any toy except the stuffed squirrel we got her – that she buried under the grapes. Feet up. 

This may be the only picture of her in existence that does not include her tennis ball – otherwise known as her pacifier because she’ll fall asleep with it in her mouth. She even puts her ball in her water bowl so no one takes it while she’s getting a drink.  The day I brought her home from the shelter I threw a ball for her and she ducked. I guess she had a lot of things thrown at her as a stray but none of them were any fun. Once she figured out it was actually a game and I wasn’t aiming for her, she went crazy. She’s my happy girl! She loves me best – probably because I got her out of that cage but also because I don’t leave her to go to school or work.

Did I mention she can smell cancer?  Before I was diagnosed, I remember complaining that every time I sat down or got on the couch, she’d get next to me and put her head on my stomach or side and would NOT move. Last April I knew my scan was going to be bad because she’d started following me around again and absolutely wouldn’t leave my side. Who needs $2500 scans when I have a $60 shelter dog? Too bad insurance doesn’t cover a year’s supply of tennis balls!


4 thoughts on “My Tail Wagging Pain in the Ass

    • I saw an article on it about a month before my diagnosis and had doubts too – until it dawned on me in the hospital what she’d been doing. Kind of amazing isnt’ it?

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