Diva For a Day?

Help!! My daughters and I are doing a 5k “diva walk” on Saturday and I have nothing to wear.

 It’s a fun ladies only race that’s followed by a women’s health fair, massages, prizes, kids events etc. Since Science Guy is hanging out down south it seemed like a cool mother/daughter thing to do. Well except that my soon to be 14 yr old doesn’t want to go. Do I care, you ask? Actually I told her I didn’t give a rat’s ass if she wanted to and signed her up. I predict a fun day for all!!!

I’m currently planning what I’m going to wear to the Mother of the Year award banquet as well.

A friend we’re walking with asked if we’re going to “diva up”. Stupidly, I said sure, why not? Uh, maybe because I’m the opposite of diva and I don’t think when they say dressing up is encouraged, they mean my best jammies.

So, ladies of the blogging world, I come to you. Help me be a diva for about $20 or less please. What separates the divas from the dorks? Does it have to involve boas and tiaras? When I googled “diva costume images” this is what I got?

Diva?? Really??


You all can do better than this right??? Thanks, smooches and bless your hearts!


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