It’s Good to be Red!

I heard on the radio this morning that it’s the 50th anniversary of the Flintstones and I immediately thought of Wilma. I’d just like to thank her for being one of the few cool redheads of her time.

Growing up it didn’t seem like there were many of us on TV so I remember the ones who were. There’s Wilma who could really rock those beads:

Only a redhead could keep Fred in line!

And Lucy, who made it ok to be a lunatic:

Plus, she's gorgeous!

And let’s not forget Pippi who gave me (and now my daughter) years of halloween costumes:

If anybody called her carrot top she'd have taken them out with a braid!

But, my all time favorite came along when I was in grade school. The day after she showed up on Happy Days I was a little more cool at school. Hey, if the Fonz liked redheads they can’t be all bad! Here’s to you Pinky:


 And a few other things I want to mention ~

To my friend’s father who told me (in elementary school), “I’d rather be dead like a bump on a log than red in the head like a dick on a dog”: FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!

To that sweet boy on the field trip bus in 6th grade who told me my hair in the sunshine was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, and who recently told me he’d married a redhead because I’d ruined him for blonds and brunettes all those years ago: Thank you! A million times thank you! You finally made it ok to be a redhead that day.

To the little boy in my daughter’s 4th grade class who told her her hair was “beautiful – like spun copper and gold”: Thank you too! She already appreciates having “different” hair.

And finally to Science Guy who married me despite his mother also being a redhead: Thank you and I love you!

Now if I could just get it to grow back!


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