Slightly Insane Mom Looking for Backup

Did you know Science Guy has been gone a mere 44 hours and I’ve already lost my mind? Did you also know he won’t be back for 5 1/2 days – which is actually something like 580 days in single-parent years?

It’s amazing how quickly the mind goes when left alone with 3 kids for even a short time. Yeah, I know they’re gone most of the day at school but eventually they’re going to come back. They’re going to want snacks, and dinner, and help with their homework. And if all goes completely to hell in a handbasket, somebody might ask if we can play Pictionary Man  – with ME! I can’t say “No thanks, but I’m sure Dad wants to”.

Although, a side note if I may: Why is it that even when he IS home, and he’s standing next to them, they still come to me and ask for things? Is he not able to decide if they can have a treat from their bag of parade candy, or if they can scooter over to the neighbors across the street? Shouldn’t they at least give him a shot at answering the tough questions? Has he ever led them to believe he’s incapable of this type of advanced decision-making? Ever? Do you need a uterus to do the heavy lifting of parenting? Oh wait, I don’t have one of those anymore. I may need to come up with a new comparison. You get my point though right?

I think it may be lack of sleep from fear I’m not going to hear the alarm and forget to wake them that has really sent me over the edge. How many times can a person wake and look at the clock to make sure it’s not lunch time before all sanity is lost?

The girls aren’t helping either. Last night I was cooking dinner and D3 came in to, I don’t know, ask for something I guess. As she was walking out she said “Is that wine in your glass mom?” What? Is she NEW here??? Stop with the obvious.

My light at the end of the tunnel is a long weekend in Portland with old friends. We leave about 36 hours after Science Guy gets back – but who’s counting. Four words for them while I’m gone. Good luck with that!! If only I had a nanny cam.


7 thoughts on “Slightly Insane Mom Looking for Backup

  1. Oh, yeah, I feel your pain. When the husband leaves on business, the first night or two is great. I get to watch my cheesy television, eat a completely crappy, easy to prepare meal, etc. But then DAY 3 is when is all goes to pot. From preparing the breakfast to getting to preschool to nap time fiascoes to the dinnertime madness. It’s day 3 when I loose my mind. Just warning you. Day 3 you’ll need more wine.

  2. You know what?

    I just let it go to hell in a handbasket.

    that works the best for me.

    People, stare if you must, but that is what it looks like to have 3 boys and a dad gone on a biz trip.

    Stare away….

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