Please Go Around the Large Orange Cone

Ah, a weekend day spent with 746 divas certainly earned its own post but alas, company is coming in less than an hour and I have yet to shower. I’m exhausted but apparently I still have the ability to rhyme my distress – good to know.

Costumes of every kind on Saturday but I think my bright orange beehive wig with the rhinestone & pearl tiara – which made me 6’5″ by the way – was by far and away the best, or maybe just the most colorful. And no, i didn’t look like a traffic cone if that’s what you’re thinking! Ok, well maybe a little bit, but nobody ran into me.

Prizes were won by 2 out of 4 of us even though the drawing was random. I think diva karma was on our side. Total prize value $120!! Not bad for a Saturday morning.

I’d planned to tell you all about the group of ladies in 80’s workout gear, complete with one piece thong bodysuits  that went so far up their cracks they’d have to dig them out with a crow bar but you may still be eating breakfast. Maybe tomorrow.  

For now I’d better go shower so that my company doesn’t get here then immediately leave. Although that’s not a bad idea! What’s a girl got to do to get some rest around here? Get cancer or something?


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