Room Without a View

Well, I’m home. I spent the weekend in Portland with some of my favorite people – none of which are relatives – and now I’m back. You know, in that house I have to clean, where my family spent the last 4 days not so much picking up after themselves. They tried, they really did, but they missed.

Where was I? I was in a 23rd floor condo lounging on the softest daybed in the world, overlooking the river – IPad in one hand, glass of wine in the other, surrounded by good friends. None of them teenagers or in elementary school.

Why did I come home? They made me.

This is what happened while I was gone:

D1 tripped on the bleachers at a football game and sprained her ankle. This would be the high school football game she convinced Science Guy to drop her off at, by herself,  to meet friends. She’s not IN high school yet.

D2 wanted to knit herself a hat so SG bought her yarn and what looks like top of the line knitting needles. We don’t know how to knit. It would seem the internet directions were unclear so my desk is covered in yarn and instructions. No hat.

D3 had extra dye from her tie-dye kit so she convinced SG to run her all over town to find t-shirts. They were still shopping last night when I called to say I was on my way home. There was dye on her shirt when she left for school – it wasn’t one of her new ones. I’m afraid to look in her closet to see what other nice school clothes were ruined.

They decided they should decorate for Halloween. It’s….um….interesting. I especially enjoy the Halloween decorations on the Easter runner.

They all wanted different foods on Sunday so they made chicken noodle soup, chili and chicken parm. I think it’s mostly edible.

There seems to have been some sort of bizarre explosion. Everywhere I look, I see ponytail holders. On the floor, on the couch, on the kitchen counter, under the dining room table. I didn’t ask but I suspect some sort of shoot your enemy, battle at dawn sort of deal.

So yeah, I’m home. Fun’s over.

I miss my daybed!


3 thoughts on “Room Without a View

  1. Your time away sounded wonderful – so jealous. But on the other hand, good blog fodder from the family. I mean, the battle at dawn ponytail holder fight? Hilarious. And I love that your family is craft/project oriented. 🙂

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