Awareness Envy

Well it looks like it’s going to be two serious posts in a row. Sorry about that.

As I’m sure you’re all more than aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have no doubt you know that because 3 out of  4 online ads are selling something pink, there are nightly features on the news and even the big tough NFL players are wearing hot pink accessories. It’s hard to miss.

I’m going to be completely politically incorrect and admit to being really sick and tired of being made aware of breast cancer. Today alone I had 2 different Facebook feed items raising awareness. And oh yeah, I don’t care where you hang your purse or what color bra you have on.

I know that the reason it’s everywhere is because there are so many women and families impacted by it. I have multiple friends and acquaintances who have dealt with it personally. Though I have to add that one of my bc friends recently said that if one more person sends her something pink she’s going to hurt somebody.  It’s out there, in huge numbers, I get that.

So what the hell is my problem? Plain and simple – I have awareness envy. My cancer is rare and treated differently than most. When I was first diagnosed I looked for a support group – specifically one for moms dealing with the idea of leaving young children – and you know what? Unless I had breast cancer there weren’t any. There are groups to help you with make-up and wigs but my treatments doesn’t cause baldness. (Or at least the first couple didn’t). And honestly, that’s not my priority anyway. Make-up tips don’t make it easier to tell your children you have cancer, or that the drugs that have kept it under control have stopped working.

Ironically, one of my friends, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, called me to ask how to tell her girls. I guess even if the support is out there, you still look to your friends. Still, it’s a hell of a thing to be an authority on.

There are a couple of online groups mentioned in my GIST page but they’re a hodge podge of people. There is the random mom of young kids here and there but statistically, this cancer is more likely in men over 60. GIST falls under the huge umbrella of “sarcoma awareness“. How many of you know what color that is? That’s what I thought.

I realize I’m being a brat but hey, isn’t that why I started this blog? To vent when I needed without censoring myself? I really have to go to the mall today but I know that half the kiosks will be pink and I’m busy being bitter.

I guess my point is that as you’re peeling off that pink yogurt lid or mixing cookies in your pink Kitchen Aid, be aware that there are other, less marketable, cancers out there. Might I suggest this?

The All-Inclusive Cancer Awareness ribbon


8 thoughts on “Awareness Envy

  1. I fully agree that all cancer needs awareness. And I sometimes get pissed when I see things like those Pink Chinstraps in the NFL. I mean, don’t waste the money on that – send it to a research foundation or something.

    Your cancer matters.

    • Thank you! I feel like I’m just being a whiner.

      I agree with you though, if the money used to make all those pink products went into research dollars instead, the amount would be staggering

  2. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday for the first time and was really inspired reading your last post. Wonderful. You have a new follower here!

    And don’t worry about being a whiner. You are completely right: media and society definitely politicize and regard certain cancers more highly than others. I took care of my aunt for about 6-8 months, she had a second occurrence of uterine sarcoma. And for my Type A, take charge personality, I found it really hard to find resources/research to help her, but found a plethora of things for breast, ovarian cancers.

    Kudos to you for being strong and sharing your thoughts. If only I had known about your blog when my aunt was still alive, it would have been something perfect for her to keep morale high.

    You matter. Your life matters. And for this person reading, it makes all the difference. Thank you.

    • Wow Jasmine, thank YOU! I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt but am glad she had such an amazing caregiver. Thank you for reading and thanks for following! I’ll try to be more upbeat tomorrow 🙂

  3. If that is what you consider whining and being bratty, I can give you some tips and pointers for putting the “B” in bitch. Trust me, I’m an expert and I’m here to help. Keep on bloggin!!

    • LOL! Thanks but trust me – I’m in pretty good control of that “B” myself when I’m not trying to get around a touchy subject. But hey, tips are always welcome too! 🙂

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