Oh No – Snow!

Snow scene at Shipka Pass

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I have a confession. I’ve become a bit of a weather wuss!

We’ve had this unbelievably gorgeous fall and I’ve gotten spoiled. Now tonight I watched the weather and the forecast started with “big changes in store…..” and that’s never a good sign.

I grew up in a mountain town at just under 5000 ft elevation. It snowed – a lot! Now I’m at just a little over 3000 ft and I’ve gone soft. I get spring a bit earlier and a longer fall and suddenly I cringe at a couple of inches in late October? Growing up it wasn’t really Halloween unless we had lots of warm clothes under out costumes. And snow boots. Always snow boots.

I remember one year when I was in 1st or 2nd grade and made the mistake of taking a paper treat bag. Probably that’s what we always had – unless we had especially high hopes and took a pillow case. Now that was a haul. Anyway, we were in snow up to our knees and as we were making it across the yard to come home, after God knows how long, and my wet bag had finally had enough and the bottom broke out. Obviously it scarred me for life since I’m bringing it up here. Moral of the story, paper treat bags + deep snow = bad idea!

Anyway, I grew up with winter from October to May. I skied, ice skated, went sledding, built forts. All those things you do when you’re outside in the winter. I loved it! Winter was all about blue sky, sunshine and snow!! If anyone wanted to find me, the first place they checked was the ski hill.

Then I moved away and found out that’s not how it is everywhere. Not everybody has enough snow to build tunnels through the snowbanks in the front yard. Some places, they even name their winter storms and cancel school. I’d never heard of such a thing! Really? You don’t have to go to school because it snows or it might snow? I had no idea! I remember an early out in Jr. High because they didn’t think the buses would be able to get through the drifts but that was only an hour or two. Once.

And then I came back, sort of, and I’m cold. Or maybe just old. I get those two confused.

Suddenly I have a bit more understanding for the “snowbirds” who winter in places like Arizona. Before, I could never imagine why anyone would want to leave the winter wonderland! Now, we have 2 to 3 inches on track for Tuesday morning and I’m thinking I might check the flights.

My name is Annie and even though I still love a good storm, I’ve clearly become a candy ass!


15 thoughts on “Oh No – Snow!

  1. candy ass! HAHA!

    I looooooove Fall here in New England. I’m pretty sure Mother Nature makes it so pretty and enjoyable because winter is such a whore-cakes-meanie-face with it’s wicked weather.

    • Oh I totally agree! We lived in New Haven for 6 years and the winters there made me crabby! What was up with all the grey yucky days? I was used to a lot of snow but it was dry and the sun was always shining. It might snow 2 feet but the clouds left as soon as it was done. Oh, and freezing rain? Not a fan!

  2. I’ve always kind of liked winter, but now that I have kids, and my kids have activities every stinking night of the week, I am now forced to be out and about in it, like it or not, no matter how cold. When they were babies, I was pretty much homebound after 5 pm anyway, so it never really bothered me. But now, right about the time when I’d love to don my fleece pants and tops and curl up under a blanket on the sofa, I have to be out dodging other drivers on snowy/icy roads just so we can go to swim practice — of all things!! — in the middle of the winter!. I know I’m rambling a little too long about all this, but your post just got me a little fired up, thinking about what lies ahead in my future. Dread.

    Then again, maybe I shouldn’t blame my kids. Maybe I’m just old. There is a reason why Florida is full of seniors.

    • I think you might be on to something. When you can be a kid and play outside all day but come indoors to hot chocolate already made – by somebody else – it seems more fun. When you’re the one making the hot chocolate, or dodging bad drivers, it changes your perspective!

  3. Hey candyass, what happened to yesterday’s post?

    I was going to add that if you want to email me about that field of work, I’d be happy to “talk” to you.

    • sorry – i reread it and thought i sounded way to whiney and self pity-ish. it had to go. is that bad etiquette to delete posts?

      thanks for the email offer. i may take you up on it. just really going over options in my head.

  4. I sincerely hope you didn’t delete yesterdays post because of my comment. It was sent with good intentions.

    As for todays update — I’m in Chicago so I can relate to the loooong winters with lots of snow. The older I get, the more I dread it.

  5. Let me know when you want to take that flight to Arizona. I will join you and I have a free place for us to stay–with a pool. 🙂

  6. Ditto. That’s me. Although I’ve always been a candy-ass and now it’s just gotten worse. Since I live in a place that is essentially 60 degrees all year, I FREAK if it deviates up or down. In fact, this weekend, we got our first “winter rain storm” and I’m so pissed. I am NOT ready for winter, goddamn it!

    I think as kids, we can have fun in any sort of weather! Snow is a reason for celebration! And now I’m just thankful I own Uggs.

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