Nowhere I’d Rather Be

The grass is always greener on the other side right? Except when it’s not.

Last week I was being whiney about being stuck at home while all my mom friends went back to work. Yes, I realize that’s it’s not in my control and that’s it’s completely due to my health issues but still, I wanted to be out making some money and talking to real live people. Instead I was home, wanting to be anywhere else.

But then my girls had Thursday and Friday off for a state educators conference and I didn’t have to worry at all about finding day care. We slept in both days and went shopping and to lunch on Thursday. Friday we hung out and made cupcakes for an evening birthday party. I finally had company and I enjoyed them all.

And today? D2 rolled out of bed with a fever and a deep “maybe I should be a seal for Halloween” type cough and I was able to tell her to go back to bed while I called the attendance hot line at school. No concerns about making her go to school because I had to be at work. No morning stress wondering how to reschedule the day, and a little reminder that I am ridiculously lucky.

I’m lucky to be here now when she needs to be home. I’m lucky I had the luxury of being here even before I got sick. Lucky that if my time with them is short, we’ve had so many quality years together up to this point. I will never get to the end of all this and think “wow, I wish I’d been able to stay home with them.” I had the time, I had all the “firsts” and they had me. For that I’m grateful.

My plan is to continue to be here when they need me and I think today is a good start. I’m told Mario Kart is on the agenda and there’s nothing I’d rather do and no place that could possibly be better than right here!


2 thoughts on “Nowhere I’d Rather Be

  1. Your girls are lucky. So is your husband. And, the best part? They know it.

    Real families complain about each other, mouth off to each other from time-to-time but are fiercely loyal to each other. You’ve got that, my dear and it’s great to see from the sidelines.

    • I think we talked about this somewhere around midnight with the alarm going off didn’t we? No matter how much they annoy us, they’re still priority! But, we still get to complain 🙂
      Your family is just as lucky!!!

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