Day 2

Ok, day two of having my sick kiddo home with me. The novelty has worn off. I spoiled her so much yesterday that she just asked for the electric recliner we saw at a furniture store over the weekend. Yes, your highness, I’ll get right on that.

What’s funny, in an annoying sort of way, is D3 and Science Guy seemed to have a running commentary on how best to take care of her today.

“Mom, you should go get her a Junga Juice today. I bet she’d like that and it would feel good on her throat.” (in anticipation of being sick herself and the requests she’ll make.)

“Hey babe, there’s still most of that roast chicken in the fridge if you want to make her chicken noodle soup today.” (You mean you don’t want me to order you a pizza tonight?)

D3 is now starting to sneeze and has a runny nose as well….the cough is just around the corner.  I’m afraid I’ll get one back to school and the next one will take her place.  Updates here in Chaosville might be sporadic.

On the upside, I’m getting a flu shot today. Woohoo!! The fun is overwhelming!! Bet you want to come over and visit don’t you??


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