Chaos in the House of Chaos

Costumes and goodies and birthdays, OH MY!

I had poor planning skills early on in this motherhood thing. I had my darling firstborn on the afternoon of October 30th. I should have  known it was always going to make things a bit crazy when I couldn’t even get a freaking Motrin the morning after she was born. My cute little nurse in her bunny costume was too busy shaking her tail at hottie doctors to be bothered by new moms in pain.

It’s been chaos ever since but honestly, I kind of like it. I think I thrive on the craziness of last-minute costumes, school treats and a birthday all thrown together. I mostly love that this year we get a weekend to work it all out. Not sure I should admit that D1 made her own cookies to take to school today though. It’s Science Guy’s mom’s family recipe and I’ve cleverly managed to avoid ever making them. D1 has them perfected and she has a friend who shares her birthday and requested them. More power to her! My baby is 14 tomorrow – wow, just wow!

And because I still haven’t developed any sort of advance planning skills, I didn’t remember until Wednesday night that the younger 2 needed their costumes TODAY for school parties – not just for trick-or-treating on Sunday. I think I’d buried it in the dark corners of my mind. By the way, did you know you have to spend over 2 hours shopping just to find ONE sheet for a ghost costume? Just sayin’. If you have done it yet – forget it, you’re screwed!

SG is coming along to the 2 school parties so he can blow up pumpkins and check the students’ hair for werewolf DNA. He sort of rocks that way! He can also help keep my medicated brain on track. Right now I’m hooked up to an IV of caffeine and eating a Toaster Strudel because I also need to finish birthday shopping this morning. It would be helpful if I could develop some organizational skills. I should also stop rambling and shower. I should definitely shower.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Chaos in the House of Chaos

  1. Oh, you probably wouldn’t have even gotten the motrin if the nurse stopped shaking her tail! My fiance’s cousin just had a baby and we had to bring her some; they wouldn’t give it to her!

    Good luck today! Sure it will go on without a hitch.

    • You make a very good point. Oh well, i survived without it obviously.
      Thanks – today went ok. Still have to get a bday cake in the oven but i’m losing interest. How bad is that? 🙂

  2. Good luck. I used to be very organized and anal-retentive. Then I decided to give up a life of drugs and insanity and it’s been disorganization every since. I feel your pain.

  3. I can relate to this post on so many levels. Not this this weekend is all that crazy – just that I have no planning skills either. So yeah. Totally last-minute costumes. It’s hard for me to get that into it when my son could care less about dressing up.

    But you can do it! And have a blast while you’re at it!

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