Say Hello to Weepy Mom

I’d like to introduce you to Weepy Mom – say hello nicely but not TOO nicely because if you show any sort of compassion she’ll cry.

She also answers to Tired Mom, Over-extended Mom and/or Post-Birthday & Holiday Letdown Mom. She can be easily recognized by the dark circles under her eyes, the uncanny resemblance to a puff fish and her lack of mascara.

Word on the street is she tends to get very teary when her oldest daughter has a sleepover the night before her birthday and isn’t home for her birthday breakfast. She absolutely hates it when someone else’s mother tells HER child happy birthday before she does. It’s rumored that if her birthday child then asks to go to somebody else’s birthday party that same night, she’ll disappear into the laundry room to fold towels to avoid being seen with tears in her eyes.

Weepy Mom will probably ask her 1st born to stay home with her instead. Luckily she’s blessed with an amazing daughter who not only agrees but says she’s relieved to be staying home on her birthday. It turns out her daughter was secretly hoping to stay home with her family but felt obligated to go to her friends’ party. She’s all too familiar with that epic teenage battle between being cool and time with family.

Weepy Mom has the special ability to turn into Ecstatic Mom and Grateful Mom within seconds. This mom is easily conned into taking her birthday girl for a gelato milkshake and shopping. This mom is a  happy mom!

** Please do not confuse Weepy Mom with Bi-Polar Mom. She’s just wacked!


6 thoughts on “Say Hello to Weepy Mom

  1. Hello Weepy Mom. So well said. I love that D1 stayed home instead of going out with friends. They really do need us. You really are just “Good Mom” and “Your Kids Are Lucky To Have You Mom”.

  2. I’m so glad to have read this. I thought I was the only one. I was majorly upset when my oldest was at her bff’s house and stayed past midnight because they (bff and bff’s mom) wanted to see her first on her 18th birthday. WAAAH!!! I’m the mom, I should get to do that!!!

    Love your blog!

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