The Many Faces of Mom

Yesterday I introduced you to a frequent visitor to the House of Chaos – Weepy Mom. Today I’d like to introduce you to another, less frequent but more disruptive visitor. Say hello to Psycho Mom. Like Weepy Mom, she also answers to Tired Mom and Over-extended Mom but is best known by her real name –  Sugar Crash Mom.

She often makes an appearance after Halloween.

She is known to consume huge quantities of left over candy as well as favored items out of her children’s treat bags. She hides the wrappers at the bottom of the garbage can and takes a little from each stash so no one bag looks pillaged more than others.

Late in the day she starts to get a headache and the first signs of crankiness begin to show themselves. At this time, it’s a good idea not to argue with her or talk back.

If you fail to head this advice, she may go ballistic and begin crying. Or she may just yell and send you to your room. It is not a good time to ask for expensive items (especially if you’ve just gotten numerous birthday presents) or suggest you need an allowance for making your bed or putting away your laundry after she’s requested you do it no less than 8 or 10 times. If you are married to Pyscho Mom, now would be a good time to pick up after yourself.

Thankfully her stay is usually short and she’s often replaced by Rational and Apologetic Mom. Either of which is preferrable to the mother of the night before who may or may not need to be medicated. You may also want to hide the candy!



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