Things That Make Me Go Hmm……

I was walking across a parking lot the other day and what do I see? A plastic tampon applicator on the ground. Just the top part and I ask myself, “Self, what the hell is the story behind that?”

How in the world does somebody, presumably a woman, lose something like that some place like that?

Was she carrying it in her hot little hand and dropped it? Why did she feel the need to carry it around after she used it?

Were her assless panties also crotchless and it fell out? If so, didn’t her mom teach her that the applicator is supposed to be removed and thrown away, preferably in a garbage can, after use?

Is this in any way related to the fantasy adult book store across the street? If it is, wouldn’t I rather not know the details?

I asked myself why somebody hasn’t picked it up and thrown it away but I knew it wasn’t going to be me!

Then I realized I was standing there, in the Staples parking lot, staring at half of a tampon applicator. So I left.


13 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go Hmm……

  1. My favorite is seeing a tampon applicator laying on the ground and one of my boys saying, “what’s that?” and trying to explain it to him.

    and yes, this actually happened to me.

    same parking lot?

    could be. how many freaking tampon applicators are laying in parking lots all across this country anyways?

  2. They are everywhere! I go jogging (ok well kinda sorta fast walk then run a bit) and it’s astonishing what’s on the ground, or in the bushes. It doesn’t make me go ‘hmmmm’ it’s much more of an Eeewww gross! Does the garbage truck ‘spit’ them out? Do folks actually drive along, then toss them? Cell phones are not good while operating a moving vehicle …can you imagine multitaking Morona installing a tampon while cruising the hood? THEN she’s so nasty as to litter? OH – and tampon paraphernalia is not the only icky out there!

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