Amazon + Free Shipping = Winning Anniversary

My title writing skills seem to lack a lot don’t they? Sorry about that but after the downer post I wrote yesterday, you should just be glad this one doesn’t include a photo of my padded room. Or an audio of jingling bottles.

Science Guy and I will be married 17 years this weekend. Can you believe he’s put up with my issues, smart mouth and pissy attitude that long? It’s downright shocking! When we add in the dating years it means we’ve been together 20 years. That makes me really old.

With the big day comes the presents and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s that joint anniversary gifts are the way to go. There’s just too much pressure to buy the perfect romantic gift. Those jewelry ads are crap! 

Admit it, we all think our guys should know exactly what will make us the most happy but we also expect them to read our minds to find out what it is.  Kind of like with sex. If you want him to “dine at the Y”, give him a little shove.

The best part is that in order to get out of the whole perfect gift pressure, he’ll encourage me to pick out a gift “we’ll both enjoy” and it’ll probably cost more than we’d otherwise spend. This year he thinks we should buy that new KitchenAid mixer I’ve been wanting.

I’m sorry, I enjoy appliances more than diamonds (unless it’s an iron or a vacuum- ewww!). I’m a disgrace to women everywhere. 

For him it’s a win-win because I’ll be wanting to bake even more than I already do. How can he go wrong?

So, I’m anniversary shopping today and my biggest question is what color I want and which attachments I’m convinced I can’t live without. I’m thinking I’ll go with the full set of accessories.

Because really, nothing says Happy Anniversary like a sausage stuffer.


7 thoughts on “Amazon + Free Shipping = Winning Anniversary

  1. Oh, Annie – you and me MFOE* One year I got a dyson for Mother’s Day [yes, i know – a vacuum]. Another year a fridge. Christmas presents include coffee makers and mixers. YES. I’m all about the appliances! Happy Anni, Annie!

    *made for each other

  2. Greatest Christmas gift EVER from the Mister was 11 years ago. We had moved into a new house and never noticed that there was no dishwasher in the kitchen (I think I just assumed that every house in the world in the year 2000 came with dishwashers). That year, under the tree was a shiny Bosch dishwasher. To this day, I don’t bitch about loading +/or unloading.

  3. I just got a Kitchenaid mixer for my wedding. It is absolutely fantastic to bake with. I would definitely recommend the ice cream attachment. 🙂
    And my husband and I have been exchanging pre-requested gifts for years. I still find it so excited to get exactly what I asked for!

  4. I have a white Kitchen Aid. Pretty plain, but awesome. I’m pretty sure you won’t choose the pink one. 🙂

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Appliances are what happy marriages are all about, it is that convenience thing. We can bake more, unload cleaner dishes, wash whiter and brighter clothes. Earlier this week I had surgery on my nose. Not earth shattering but unpleasant and ugly looking all the same. As my doctors nurse was giving me instructions she mentioned that the last woman who had this surgery got a BMW from her husband. At that point my husband (who was able to observe the stitching up part) became very interested in the construction workers across the street. Guess no BMW for me, but maybe a Marshalls or TJMaxx run. or a new appliance. Your blog is positive and amazing , happy anniversary.

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