17 Years – Wow!

This has been a week of band concerts, teachers conferences, 2 days of company, and very few posts. Today however, can’t go by without acknowledgement.

On this day 17 years ago it snowed almost 2 feet. It was one of those peaceful heavy snows where it falls so slowly but adds up quickly. Where you can almost see the detail of the flakes as they fall. It was gorgeous in the street lights outside and almost completely silent – the kind of silence that only happens when the snow is piling up and everything is still. The reflection off all that white with the moon made late night as bright as mid day. It couldn’t have been more beautiful or more perfect!

It was the day I married my best friend.

I always thought the snow was the ideal way to start fresh – a clean slate to begin the next phase of life together. So there were a couple of car accidents among the guests, bah! They were fiiiiiine! The scars are hardly visible now.

The morning after our wedding we woke up to the most brilliant blue sky with sunshine, clear streets and mountains of snow. You could hardly look out the window without sunglasses.

Seventeen years later, through 3 moves, 3 children, 3 surgeries and uncountable acts of kindness we’ve weathered a lot but our marriage has never been stronger.

This would be the place where I’d go on some sort of “weather the storms of marriage and the sun will come out” tangent but I gagged on my latte just typing that!

So instead, let me just tell you the secret to a happy marriage. Ready?

Be kind.

And don’t forget to take time to Just Be!


12 thoughts on “17 Years – Wow!

  1. Happy Anniversary! It’s so inspiring and wonderful to see how strong your marriage is, definitely something I don’t see a lot of these days. Hope you have a great day full of memories and love…and that knitted thong?! 😉

  2. Outstanding! Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!! I am toasting you and the hubby as I type. We just celebrated #20. Good, solid marriages DO exist! Party on my cyber friend!

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