Pour Me Another Mr. Hottie Waiter

Science Guy and I went to a fabulously fancy schmancy restaurant for our anniversary and I feel the need to tell you about it. Or gloat, or rub it in your face, depending on how many small children you have and if you’ve been to someplace lately that doesn’t call a number when your order is ready or include toys.

D1 is old enough to babysit her sisters now and all we had to do was bribe them with pizza and movies. And popcorn. And computer games. Sure it might have been cheaper to hire a sitter but where’s the lesson in independence and abandonment in that?

So the food was amazing, I didn’t have to cook it or clean up, the wine was perfect, and…….shortly after we got there I realized there wasn’t a woman in sight. Well except for the owner who showed us to our table.  Somehow I found that odd. But then, I realized that every time I needed anything there was a man there to do it for me.

More wine? Handsome boy #1 was more than happy to pour it for me. Oh, my food is ready? Look, there’s another cutie who wants to bring it over. I glance over my shoulder? Yet another who rushes over to see if I need anything. On and on it went through dessert and coffee with that cute little guy filling my cup out of my very own french press. It was like a dream I had once except they were all wearing pants.

I don’t think SG, who you know was my actual date, even noticed. But me? Well let’s just say it was an anniversary bonus.


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