AARP Called – I’m an Honorary Member

Wow, am I old!?!

That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

I pulled an almost all-nighter – well more of a half-nighter – and I survived! WooHoo! But wow, yeah, I’m old. Considering the alternative that’s great but I haven’t been surrounded by so many college students since I was one.

Yes, I just got up and yes, I am eating leftover movie popcorn for breakfast. Or lunch. What the hell time is it anyway? I can’t find my glasses.

If you recall, I agreed to take D1 and her friend to the midnight showing of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows last night. It would seem this wasn’t something many parents did. Or anyone else with any sort of parental supervision for that matter.

There were all kinds of perky young things working the room before the movie started. It would seem that movie theaters are great places for a meet & greet and exchange of phone numbers. One girl in particular stood out since she was dressed in a butt length sun dress and sandals. It went nicely with her ski jacket. It was 23 degrees outside. Even the middle schoolers with me saw that as maybe a bad wardrobe decision given the weather. I was so proud.

Thankfully they all sat down like good kids when the movie started and nobody’s phone rang. Which I understand wasn’t the case in all the theaters after hearing others talk on the way out. Apparently one guy with a particularly annoying Star Wars ringtone almost caused a small riot in the theater next to us. You really shouldn’t piss off HP fans!

There was however, rampant Facebook status updating and texting going on. The nice thing about that generation is that none of them actually talk to each other. They sit next to each other and text. Movies are much  more enjoyable now!

 Yes, I do realize that using the words “that generation” automatically qualifies me for a  nice room in assisted living.

I did eventually see a few women my age. They were outside the theater picking up their kids when the movie was over. That was a plan I considered at first. I’m so glad I changed it!!!

PS – The movie was great!! Followed the book nicely and still retained some humor amid all the darkness. I’ll absolutely be in line at midnight for part 2!!


6 thoughts on “AARP Called – I’m an Honorary Member

    • It was fabulous! Stuck closer to the book than most and even though it was so dark, it held onto some of the classic humor of the book. Just when needed too. Plus Dobby was back – I love Dobby! There was audible groan in the theater when it ended. Everybody wanted it to keep going!

  1. Yes, it *was* great. And my 13 year old son didn’t even freak out that I wore my flannel jammies and bathrobe under my coat, a fashion faux-pas not quite on the same scale as a butt-length dress, but still “really, Mom?” I had already been to bed for that nap, and couldn’t face getting dressed again.

    Those college students didn’t seem to mind either ~ one actually said she wished she had thought of that (we live in Vermont where most of the time fairly sensible clothes prevail).

    And the sweet memory, as you said ~ irreplaceable.

    • There were several people in jammies here. We’re a relaxed sort of place too.

      I had to wake up my daughter and her friend to go. They tried so hard to stay awake until movie time….i almost felt bad.

      ps – love Vermont!!!

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