Who Says You Can’t Have Favorites?

Solar System Planets.

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My sister called yesterday. That’s not news so much as the reason she called.

My 11 yr old nephew brought some papers home from school on Friday and among all his other homework was his will. That’s right, his will.

Apparently they’ve been studying Mars and are going to take a trip there. Only problem – it’s a one way flight. Hence, the will.

This was his list:

To my brother L – I leave my frog because he’s already in our room and he likes frogs.

To my brother D – I leave my books because he likes to read.

To my Aunt Annie – I leave whatever money she needs for her cancer.

To my mom & dad – I leave everything else.

Whatever money I need for my cancer!! I cried.

I’m birthday shopping for him today. Do you think it’s too soon to buy him a car?



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