Over the River and Through the Woods

Once upon a time there was a very sweet dog who loved her home and family very much. But like a bratty adolescent, she liked to run away any chance she got. When her family left for the holidays she had to stay home in her fenced yard because her grandparents didn’t have a secure yard for her.

The neighbor took good care of her and she had an insulated doghouse on a covered porch but she was still sad. She missed her family.

Then one day her family looked at the forecast and saw temperatures way below zero over Thanksgiving. They told the grandparents they weren’t sure they’d visit. It seemed like too much to ask the neighbor to constantly come over to let their precious dog in and out. It was too cold for her to be outside very long.

But grandma very much wanted them all to come so she said, “No problem, bring her. I’ll ask grandpa to finish the gate.”

Grandpa came home and heard grandma’s idea and even though it was one more thing on a VERY long list, he said he’d be happy to finish the gate to enclose the yard for his sweet girl.

The day came when the family started packing for their trip and the dog got sadder and sadder. She remembered the suitcases meant she would soon be alone. They fed her and put her outside and she didn’t want to leave the door. She knew they were leaving and only wanted to be inside on her bed with her people, out of the snow and wind.

But then a funny thing happened. Her mom opened the door to the house and instead of telling her good-bye, she let her in. Not only that but she led her to the garage and into the car. What was her bed doing on the backseat?

The family all got in and even though the roads were a little bad, they headed off to grandma & grandpa’s house. Over the river, across the passes and through the snow they went. So did their dog.

And she was happy.

But just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, the car stopped. When she got out she found a big yard with lots of deep snow. And tennis balls. She played and played and buried her ball in the snow over and over until she was exhausted. Her grandma gave her a gingerbread treat and showed her where she could lay down to rest.

She was so happy she fell asleep with her ball in her mouth. Her grandma covered her up and tucked her in.

It was a very good day to be the dog!


10 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. What a lucky Pup! Way to go G-ma and G-pa for letting the pup come have some Turkey too 😉
    We have one just like that … so loved the story.

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