Selective Privacy

I got a friend request on Facebook this morning and deleted it. It was someone I’d already unfriended months ago. She’s good friends with a relative of mine and I felt like it was more of a voyeuristic request than an actual friend request.

I’ve gotten requests from this cousin and several of her close friends and I’ve ignored them all. I won’t go into the whole family drama but suffice it to say we aren’t close. Our mothers hate each other yet she once wrote my mom a letter asking for pictures of all her grandchildren. Weird right?

It’s easiest to avoid all contact yet they kind of don’t. I have enough to deal with without adding her or her mother to my friends list.

But it made me kind of laugh at myself. Yesterday’s post was a little soul baring and here I am worrying about FB privacy. Maybe it stems from the fact that I post pictures of my children there – with access only to “friends” – and fool myself into thinking they’re inaccessible to “friends of friends” or the general public. It’s my little bit of denial, don’t enlighten me. Allow me to pretend.

Yet here, I say it all. I don’t post pics of my girls but anybody who knows the details of my life at all would probably recognize me in my posts. I guess it’s because here it’s mostly about me. It’s my online therapy filled with things I don’t put in my status updates. Can you imagine Donut porn and Darkest Hours in 10 words or less? I’d end up on Lamebook!

It also made me question the number of FB friends I currently have and who they are. How many of them do I actually interact with and how many fall under the “I think I remember that name from 25 years ago” category?

I think I may do some house cleaning of that list today. Maybe I should make it a nice little group of select friends. The ones who actually care if I post that it’s scan day and eliminate those who are just spying? I’m going to give it some thought.

What do you all do? Is your list limited to the people you would actually enjoy having lunch with or do you need to do a little cleaning yourself?

By the way, what’s up with the people who try to refriend you months after you delete them? Are they just old like me and can’t remember who they already friended?

Social networking sites may be an easy way to spy on me but that doesn’t mean I have to send them an engraved invitation. Just like I haven’t shared with all of you that my real name is Amanda and I live in Salt Lake City. Or do I?

However, I do know that this blog and all of you are much cheaper than a therapist. I slept like a baby last night – no 2am-4am wakeup.



10 thoughts on “Selective Privacy

  1. Oh, you hit the nail on the head.

    yes, this is so much cheaper and better and happier and with less side effects than prescriptions and visits to the happy doctor.

    I agree.

    Uh huh and tell it, sister.

  2. Ah Ha!! You slept thru the night because when I did my 2am “house prowl” I said a quick prayer for you. It worked!!

    I cleaned house on my Facebook Friends list a few weeks ago. It felt good — almost like I dropped down a few sizes without eliminating my cookie intake. Go ahead, defriend your brains out!

  3. Good for you for cleansing the Facebook list! And for deleting friend requests! I don’t do Facebook. Mainly because it would be one more thing that I would have an addiction to. And yay for Blerapy. Blog-Therapy. What would we all do without it?

  4. I admire the fact you can figure out facebooks new system and know how to delete friends. I keep accidentally hiding them and then finding them again six weeks later- an unpleasant surprise let me tell you. Don’t feel bad about deleting people you don’t know/don’t like. It’s your page, your life and if they arn’t in it physically then they shouldn’t bother being in it… cyber-ly.

    congrats on the all night sleep through 🙂

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