Let The Baking Begin

Cookies for friends and family for the holiday...

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I bake when I’m nervous. If not, I do. This year it’s going to work out nicely though because my scan next week coincides with the holiday baking rush. The more nervous I am, the higher quantity of goodies.

Yesterday it was Irish Lace Cookies and this morning I have a huge pan of fudge cooling. My oldest has an All City Winds ensemble concert tonight and both her band directors will be there as well as D2’s band director so it seemed like a good night to get things started.

I have a feeling everybody we know will be getting plates of cookies, fudge, breads,etc. Maybe more than one because my side still hurts and my dog (who has a nose for cancer) has taken to following me from room to room and sitting by my chair. She’s going to drive me insane.

Since I won’t be getting my scan results until the 21st, I can only assume everyone around me can plan on gaining several pounds the next 3 weeks. Do you all want to go ahead and forward me your addresses?

If only the nervousness translated into getting out holiday cards. I suck at that.


4 thoughts on “Let The Baking Begin

  1. We hate the scan! Except when it gives us the all clear, and then we love it.

    My fingers are crossed for you, as always. I will eat as many cookies as necessary to your health.

  2. Time to get The Lady of Guadalupe candle back out. My prayers are with you. I have a great receipe for Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti if you want it. Super easy to make and very yummy.

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