Well That School is OFF the List!

So, D1 and I made it through the 1st high school open house last night. Barely. Our town has 3 high schools and it’s open enrollment so she can choose where she wants to go.

She’s pretty sure which one she wants to choose because of their amazing band program, but we thought we’d check out the one that’s closer to our house anyway. A lot of her friends are going there so she hadn’t ruled it out completely.

Now she has!

The first speaker of the night started off with the attendance, graduation requirements and how the number of credits required  was increasing. Not a problem. She’s a great student and hates to miss days or classes because she doesn’t like to get behind. Got that one covered.

The 2nd guy got up and started talking about attendance, friendship issues and “girl drama”. I’ve been there, I know how much high school girls can suck but I also know boys can be real jackasses too! They’re nothing but walking penis’ at that age, making obscene comments and gestures. But, NOOO, let’s spend 10 minutes talking about girl drama and how horrible they are to make them all feel really welcome in their new school. Just not feeling the love at this point.

The 3rd guy got up next (are there no women in this school??) and he’s the “resource officer”. He gives some testosterone filled “I’m a cop first” speech with his chest so puffed out a woman in the first row may have been chewing on his nipple.

Sure I might be biased because I know his daughter – she was in 1st/2nd grade with D2 and she’s a pain in the ass, but nah, even if his daughter was an angel, this guy sucked the big one too.

We left the auditorium with a big old black clouds hanging over us and the kids took off to do a scavenger hunt around the school.

About 20 minutes later my kiddo comes to find me. She didn’t look great. She said there were nuts in the spanish classroom – hazelnuts which are the ones she’s most allergic to – and in the chocolates in the gym and I think in another room. Maybe the home ec. room or somewhere. She’s very allergic to tree  nuts!!!!

Her throat was getting scratchy and she didn’t feel well.

Of course being the quality mother that I am, I hadn’t brought any Benadryl. We were just going to an open house, why would she need it? She’s never been quite that sensitive before but she said she may have touched something and gotten it on her hands then rubbed her eyes or something. I’m not sure what the whole story was.

We got the hell out of there, ignored the freezing rain on the windshield and broke speed records home. We got Benadryl in her and didn’t have to use an Epi pen so that was good. A few minutes later we looked at each other and said, “well that school’s out!”

Really, what the hell? What kind of school in this day and age fills their rooms full of nuts? It’s a good thing her friend wasn’t there because he’s much more sensitive than she is. I’m not a proponent of eliminating pb&j’s and that kind of stuff from schools but I am a fan of the common sense approach. Or at least the pull your head out your ass approach.

These people have no idea about the kids are touring their rooms last night.  As if the gloom and doom 3 musketeers weren’t bad enough. Let’s throw in a few allergens to really convince these kids to pick their school. Is it a survival of the fittest kind of place?

I had such a great conversation with a woman at the other high school yesterday. She was way beyond helpful and happy to make the whole process easier for us. She was so positive I wanted to have D1 skip the rest of 8th grade and jump right into her freshman year today.

And if I needed more reasons to go the route we were thinking, they gave them to me last night! Bastards!


4 thoughts on “Well That School is OFF the List!

  1. Not just bastards, but sexist bastards. Clearly the Force was with you, telling you not to pick that school.

  2. The whole nut thing is really scary. There’s a kid in my son’s preschool class who’s allergic. I’m kind of stunned that this high school was so lax! And to have a guy talk about girl drama – WEIRD. Even w/out the nut thing, WEIRD environment. Oh, high school. I’m still dealing with toddler tantrum drama.

    • Yeah, our thoughts too – old guys talking a girl drama was just off. I’m not sure which I prefer – toddler drama or high school drama. I think I’m leaning towards toddler 🙂

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