O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Saturday was our annual trek to the mountains for our Christmas tree. We’d go down the street to the store and buy one but then we couldn’t enjoy the togetherness right?

I feel like I should give you all a few sound bites from our day so you too can enjoy our holiday traditions. I don’t want you to feel left out. It’s because I like you. Really.

This year, at the recommendation of the helpful Forest Service lady, we decided to go someplace new. Our girls don’t like change. Well 2 out of the 3 don’t anyway.

On the way there, our car sounded like this:

“Why are we going this way? Don’t we usually go the other way?”

“Are you sure you know where we’re going? Are we lost?”

“Why are we going this way again?”

“Mooooommmmmm……did you hear what I asked you? I think we’re going the wrong way!”

“How long is this going to take, I’m pretty sure the other way was faster.”

Once we got there and they saw it was a beautiful area with lots of snow, things looked up. For awhile. Then it went like this:

“Mom there’s a crunchy ice layer on top of the snow. It’s hard to walk in.”

“There aren’t any trees.”

“Um, we’re in a huge forest on the side of the mountain, did you look around you?”

“I’m mean GOOD trees. Where are the good trees?”

“How about this (30 ft) tree? Will it fit?”

“No idiot, that’s too big. Mom, tell her it’s too big.”

“Mom, help!! My foot got stuck under the log and I lost my boot. The snow’s cold on my  foot!”

“Seriously? Where’s your sock??”

“You didn’t say I had to wear socks.”

“Honey, what about that tree you saw earlier? Down where D2 lost her boot.”

“You mean the one I suggested 4 hours ago? Remind me again why we didn’t just buy one?”

“Because this is fun. It’s tradition.”

“I’m bored, can we get a pizza?”

“Mom, she said the B-word!!! She gets double chores right?”

“I’m not bored, I’m hungry. I didn’t mean to say bored. I’m not bored. Are we done yet?”

“Moooommmmmmmm! I lost my boot again!”

So eventually we got the perfect-enough tree and headed home but we weren’t done quite yet. Half way home it went like this:

“Ewww….what’s that smell?”

“Oh man! Dad did you fart?”

“It’s not me, what IS that smell?”

“Somebody open a window!”

“Gross, I think it’s D3’s snow boot liners! They’re by the heater. Mom the heat’s making it worse, make her move them!!! I’m going to gag!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It can’t be the liners. D3 let me see your boot. Holy crap!!! It IS the liner. Move them away from the heater NOW!”

“It’s not my fault. They were D2’s last year and she never wears socks.”

“I’m hot!”

“I’m cold.”

“I’m hot too! Are we getting pizza.”

“I still think the other place was closer.”

“Merry Christmas babe!

“Merry Christmas handsome! Take a right, I called for a pizza while you were tieing on the tree.”


2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

  1. OMG, that could been the script to our very own Tree Cutting Excursion (an event also known, to me at least, as Exercise in Extreme Patience). My oldest is almost 10, and it’s been pretty much the same thing each year that we’ve gone out there – at least since he’s been old enough to talk. It hasn’t ever quite lived up to the Norman Rockwell images that I longingly conjure in my head. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really starting to see the appeal of an artificial tree…

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