Glad that’s over with!

Update – I survived the scan and am drinking gallons of water to flush the contrast out of my kidneys like a good girl!

I get results next week but I’m thinking it went ok.  The woman who avoided eye contact last spring when the tumor behind my stomach tripled, not only made eye contact but she let me look at the pics.

I had no idea what I was looking at but I’ll tell you one thing, my spleen was positively svelte! And my liver? No sign of cirrhosis anywhere! I know, right? I’m shocked too!!

Oh and I met this little old guy in the waiting room and it’s like the blogging Gods were smiling down on me. Or up, depending on your view of blogging Gods. He was a post waiting to happen!! YAY!

Until tomorrow – thanks for all the good wishes and prayers!!! You all rock!!


3 thoughts on “Glad that’s over with!

  1. Yay for you! Happy for you that it’s over. I don’t have cancer, but I have extreme, extreme anxiety about all things having anything to do with with medically related ‘stuff’ (mammograms, xrays, ultrasounds, etc). It’s the anticipation, sometimes, that’s the worst part of it. (My logical brain knows that, but the irrational part is much, much more fierce!)

    Fingers crossed you receive happy news regarding the results.

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