I Got Nothin’

Since Marinka asked so nicely, I will not post her address here today. It’s really too bad, I’d planned one hell of a party at her house and was going to invite you all. If you’re bored and don’t have anywhere fun to go, blame her.

I’m also inconvenienced by this because it leaves me without a topic. I’m too medicated to have a enough original thoughts to build a stash in the drafts folder. I only have 1 in there.

It’s the one that has been begging to be written. It’ll be posted on the 5th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. When my brain heads down the wrong road, I write. It’s the story that has been with me every February as I reach that yearly milestone.

I’ve never had an outlet to tell it before. It will be long. You’ve been warned. Still, that’s not helping me at all right now. It’s not February yet, I can’t post it.

It’s my quarterly scan today. I know I’ve already told you that but that’s why I have nothing interesting to say. I apologize.

Maybe something exciting will happen at my scan. Though I feel like I shouldn’t say that because I’ll jinx myself. I have a greater appreciation for boring and uneventful than most I think.

I’m just referring to something even moderately blog worthy, but not involving the words, “Yup, that pain in your side is definitely from growing liver mets.” I get the results next week – what kind of crappy Christmas present would that be?? Santa loves me more than that right?

Ah hell, I don’t know. I’ve officially reached peak scanxiety levels and it’s time to admit that creative brilliance isn’t going to happen. I’m scattered and unfocused.

I scan at 11:00 then I’m going to make more fudge. I’m sure I can find some people to take it off my hands.


10 thoughts on “I Got Nothin’

  1. I have a Guild meeting tonight at church. We start each meeting by asking if anyone has any special intentions — tonight a group of middle aged, Catholic gals (most of us with a glass of wine in hand) will be saying a special prayer for dull and boring scan results.

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