It’s a Wrap

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The holidays are such a beautiful time of the year! It’s all candles and lights and ribbons and bows. It’s all festive and gorgeous!

Except the packages I wrap. I suck.

My mother is the Martha Stewart of gift wrapping. There’s velvet ribbon, real pine boughs (that don’t wilt??), ornaments, etc. It’s annoying.

My sister isn’t far behind her. Even my girls comment on their pretty presents because Lord knows they don’t see that at home.

It’s ok as long as we spend Christmas day at home, the presents get toned down if they’re being shipped, but when we travel? I’m screwed. When we’re at Mom and Dad’s house on Christmas morning I hide my gifts behind the tree.

How did I miss the gift wrapping gene? Is this a nature vs. nurture sort of deal? I didn’t choose to wrap atrocious looking gifts. I was born this way.

My only saving grace is that I did get the good shopping gene and have the ability to buy fabulous looking large gift tags that will cover my mistakes. Well there is one other good thing – my mother in law couldn’t wrap herself out of a paper bag so she thinks my presents look spectacular!

I also lack the “get the Christmas cards out on time” gene. I’ve had them for 2 weeks. I’ve sent two. Does anybody want to come over for a card signing gift wrapping party? I’ll buy the drinks!


6 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. Yeah, I’m only mediocre at wrapping but my mom is like yours. I think it’s generational. Along with home ec, I think there was a gift wrapping high school course. But hey! Gifts are gifts – and you NEVER look a poorly wrapped gift (horse?) in the mouth.

    • Exactly and they’re opened in seconds anyway so does it really matter? You know my mom once told me her home ec teacher showed them how to put on a bra! 25 years later I had the same lady – thankfully she’d stopped teaching that part by then. She was not a young woman when mom had her!

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