A Moments Break from the Chaos

I seem to be buried under all things Christmas and am not doing a very good job of finding my way to the keyboard.

But…I wanted to check in and thank everyone for their good thoughts and prayers. I got my scan results this morning and all is well. It even seems that one of the liver lesions has disappeared! I like that!! A lot. Mostly because that little sucker has been with me from the very beginning.

I hope everyone is surviving all the holiday craziness! I’ll be back sooner than later now that I can stop obsessing about my results 🙂


16 thoughts on “A Moments Break from the Chaos

  1. I never knew that bastard lesion, but I’m sure as shit glad he’s gone.

    (pretty sure that’s a lyric from a country song I just composed)

    Happy Holidays and here’s to more good news!

  2. Altho I only know you via a keyboard, the relief I feel for you is palpable. What a fabulous Christmas gift. I’ll be sure to share the good news with my Lady of Guadalupe candle. Cheers!

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