I Think I Just Killed Santa

Oh boy – my medicated brain has just topped itself.

You see, my girls all had big Christmas gifts on their wish lists – as in Nintendo DS’s for the younger two and a Zune MP3 for my oldest. I’ve been telling them all along they were just too expensive.  I asked them if they’d rather have 1 bigger gift or several smaller ones. They all voted for the big gift but gave me small options as well in case I couldn’t find the big ones on sale or something.

I played up the expense and thought I was being so clever! I got the big ones but also needed smaller ones from Santa. So I found a couple more for each of them to go with their DS & game combos and Zune & music card combos.

Sounds good right? Except in my attempt to make D3 think that she wasn’t getting the bigger gift, I told her about the smaller ones I’d gotten D2 – you know, to throw her off track.

That’s right – I told her about the Santa gifts. I didn’t even realize it until I was wrapping and packing presents this morning. Have I also mentioned that D2 busted me at the school book fair buying them books?

Long story short (but still too long) – there are no secret gifts. You know how it goes – once D2 found out I told D3 about her gifts, she wanted to know D3’s and now they each  know what the other is getting. There’s nothing I can claim came from Santa’s workshop.

 Except the big ones!

Looks like I have to give credit for the pricier gifts to the big bearded guy and let them think their father and I are cheapo’s.

I wonder if they’ll notice that Santa got them the exact DS skins they looked at on the Decal Girl website?? Will they also wonder how their grandparents knew Santa was getting the DS’s and bought them each another game and case??

Oh boy! It’s a good thing my dad looks just like Santa. He may be the only one left for them! Although, D3 did tell me what she wants in her stocking so maybe that ship has already sailed anyway? I don’t know. I will never again schedule a scan right before Christmas!

Sometimes I amaze myself with just how far I can fit my head up my ass!

And now that I’ve burned that image in your mind’s eye – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you!!

Thanks for reading!  I’m going to go see if I can find the wine Santa brought me.


5 thoughts on “I Think I Just Killed Santa

    • That’s what I’m hoping! I’m not sure they even look at the tags when we say “here, this one is for you”. Way too much pressure!
      Merry New Year to you too! 🙂

  1. My kids finally fessed up to knowing about the bearded guy this year. In fact, they are on to them all. My son set a trap for the tooth fairy by rigging a rainstick/ string/tuning fork/aluminum water bottle to turn on the light and ring when she walked in. I’m laughing now. So, we are making them stuff our stockings this year. (Of course Santa is still coming. They won’t sit on his lap thought. I’m thinking I may hold presents hostage until that happens.)

    Not really the topic of your thread, but I thought I’d share. Merry Christmas! I’m so happy for the biggest present at your house this year.

  2. I had a hard time this year debating about which gifts to take credit for me and which to pass to Santa (which really is ridiculous because both of my boys know the truth). Sigh.

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