I’d Give My Left Breast for a Silent Night

The holidays are such a magical time. Great food, great family & friends and such huge quantities of togetherness. Good lord, there’s so much togetherness.

Everywhere I go there are members of my family and they’re talking to me. A lot.

It’s a wonderful thing when children want to actually spend time talking to their parents. Too many families ignore each other as they plug themselves into various forms of technology.

The thing is, we ARE plugged in. The younger girls got their DS’s and D1 got her Zune but funny thing happened – they want to tell me Mario’s every move and Max from Super Scribblenauts requires huge amounts of help rescuing bear cubs and stocking museums.

Where in the world did they get the idea that I have the answers? Aren’t they at the age where I’m supposed to be an idiot? Can we start that now?

And then there’s my dear sweet husband. Boy do I love that guy. Boy is he driving me crazy. It’s nothing really, just a little ongoing thing that’s making me crazy.

We live in Montana (have I mentioned that?) and for some reason, every time he mentions a town in our state, he follows it with “Montana”. Does he not know that we can assume that part? Today he was reading an article in the Montana AAA magazine and he kept saying things like, “they’re supposed to have really good burgers at that place in Livingston, MONTANA”.

Um yeah, let’s see. We’re in Montana and you’re reading a Montana AAA magazine.  I think we can safely assume that those 12 places you’re telling me about aren’t in fucking New Jersey!!

I don’t know why it’s bothering me this week. It makes no sense. Yes, it’s bothered me the last 20 years but I’ve kind of ignored it. Except for the 86 times I’ve mentioned it to him over the years.

I suspect my lack of patience stems from the fact that most things Christmas fall to the mom and I’m worn out but holy crap! I love these people I live with, I really do, but I think I’ll be ok with work and school re-entering our lives.

Mothering requires a balance between their space and mine. Marriages are more successful if you get a chance to miss each other a little bit.

In the meantime, I have a new CD and a set of headphones and I think I’ll send Science Guy down to the grocery store to buy me more wine. I wonder if I need to tell him what state it’s in.


6 thoughts on “I’d Give My Left Breast for a Silent Night

  1. YOU LIVE IN MONTANA? I used to live in Great Falls. Montana.

    Your husband’s habit would drive me bonkers too. Very funny. And there is nothing I like more than a night alone, with my husband out. Just quiet and a chance to miss him.

    • Thank you for clarifying which state Great Falls is in – for a minute I thought you meant Arkansas. You should totally move back!! To Montana, not Arkansas. I’ll babysit those gorgeous children of yours while you get a night out – with or without your husband.

  2. Well said! I totally get this one. With the wonderful economy, The Mister has taken a job in Reno, NV while the Queen and I remain in the Chicago ‘burbs. We will relocate in the summer after she graduates from high school. He has been home for a week (he’s leaves again on Saturday) and while I miss him terribly when he is gone — HE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!! Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder, especially after 20 years of marriage!

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