Turns Out I Like a Noisy House

You know how on Thursday I posted about my family driving me crazy?

I think it was just some sort “newly home from Grandma’s big house” syndrome. We’d spent 6 days in their 3 story house where everyone was spread out. We came home a day early because of a huge winter storm so we were all stuck together in our small house.

I suspect this because today they all went back to school and work and it’s way too quiet here.

Science Guy only worked one day out of the last 10 – despite the lousy pay, academia has its advantages. I got used to having company and I was a little sad to see them all go this morning. I tried to convince them they should take one more day but they went anyway. The little traitors!

It’s easy to joke about wanting to be alone, free of sibling issues and being in each other’s way, but in the end they’re really good company. I like to be around them. Not just because they’re my children and I have to but because I like who they are as people.  If I were to just meet them, I’d think they’re good kids. Because they are.

I’m proud of who they’re becoming. They have interesting stories and ideas of their own. They are all so different that I watch them and wonder how they all came from the same gene pool.

I’d accuse SG of cheating on me but I’m pretty sure they’re all mine.

It’s funny how much they change when I’m not looking. I know I see them morning, at the end of the day and weekends but so much of that time is spent with dinner, homework and activities. When their days are spent away from me, they change in little ways I don’t see.

When they were little I was here to see it all. To experience it along side of them. I’m thankful to have been home with them to see that.

Now they talk about kids I haven’t met. Especially my 14 yr old. They have so many experiences without me – as they should. That’s kind of their job and I’m happy to see it, but I look forward to the school breaks despite joking otherwise. 

Sure I embrace the quiet and the time to get things done but at the end of the day I’m happy to see them walk up the driveway and I like hearing about their days. Soon enough they’ll be calling to talk to me instead of chatting at the kitchen counter over a snack.

Until then I’m going to appreciate the little things about them and make sure they know how happy I am to be their mom!


4 thoughts on “Turns Out I Like a Noisy House

  1. Reading about all your parental adventures makes me look forward to being a parent one day. My only hope is that I could be as awesome as you and SG!

  2. I felt the same way today. I had a meeting until 5:45 (after getting to work at 7:15am) and I cried thinking about how nice our break was. I wish I could hold the annoyances in a bit better and just cherish all the moments we are together.

    • Well that’s not to say I didn’t get annoyed plenty but today I still wanted to sled and spend time with them. Wish we could have gotten together! Maybe soon.

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