I Need a Little Peer Pressure. You Got Any?

Turns out I have a difficult time sticking to things unless I have some sort of accountability. I don’t diet unless I have a friend to check in with and report my weight loss or gain….in actual numbers. I don’t always walk as much as I should unless I have a partner to motivate me. You get the idea.

I blew off resolutions this year because really, who keeps them anyway and my main resolution is simply to make it to next year. I think that’s a pretty good one.

But today I decided there’s something I need to do, so I want to make myself accountable to all of you. I ordered a beautiful new KitchenAid mixer over the weekend and I’m vowing to use it. A lot.

I bake anyway so it’s not a big deal but what I’m going to try to make myself do, is use it for something other than cakes, cookies and other sweet things.

I want to bake more breads, rolls and other non-sugary goodies for after school snacks, breakfast and to put in the girls’ lunches

SG is a saint in the mornings and always makes them breakfast and gets their school lunches packed. He’s up at the butt crack of dawn and well, let’s just say I move a little slower. Mostly because I’m up several times a night sick but that’s kind of beside the point.

I’m little more than decorative in the mornings. Although decorative is probably stretching it a lot given the state of my face and hair.

I’d like to make SG’s mornings easier. He waits on me hand and foot after surgeries and just really any time I’m not up for much which is more often than I’d like to admit. He brings me my favorite biscotti when he goes to the store or picks me up a coffee on his way back from getting bagels on Saturday mornings.

I owe him.

If he has lots to choose from for lunches and easy breakfast ideas, it should make his day easier from the beginning. He deserves that.

So…that said. I’m going to need to set up a day during the week to post a picture and/or recipe from something I made during the week. Probably has to be a picture because otherwise I’ll just make shit up.

But what do I call it? New Mixer Monday? Foodie Friday? Help me out here will ya?

I need names and I need all of you to call me on it if I don’t get my post done.

Of course this won’t start until my mixer gets here. I have a chocolate cake in the oven right now so I guess the non-sweet stuff will wait a little bit longer.

It’ll be a double blessing because I also need pictures for the cookbook I’ve been working on forever for the girls. I’m trying to put together all their favorites into one place. Ideally with pictures of them making it or eating it but also I just want to put a picture with each recipe so if I’m not here to help they can have a little bit of a guide to do it without me.

You know, when they’re off at college and I’ve turned my phone off. No, not because I’m dead. You people are morbid.


18 thoughts on “I Need a Little Peer Pressure. You Got Any?

    • That’s an excellent point! I’m so thankful I actually have readers that I’d use priority to ship to you so it wouldn’t sit at the post office all weekend 🙂

  1. Mixer Monday is good. I also like Motivational Monday, Test Kitchen Tuesday, Whet your Appetite Wednesday, Therapeutic Thursday or Foody Friday. (Please not that I generously gave you the week ends off.) I look forward to you starting this – I love to cook and am always looking for more ideas!

  2. Love this concept! What about “Mix It Up Monday” which has meaning on a few different levels?

    I, too, love to bake, but I don’t like the fact that elastic has become my new BFF, and I have long thought that I should transition to making breads and other non-sugary things (because carbs are so much better?? oh the mind games we play!). I just don’t have a lot of patience for yeasty things! Maybe you will inspire me though. I totally need that accountability, too, and if you’re doing it, maybe I will ‘play along’ – or at least attempt to. I bought a book called the Bread Baker’s Apprentice quite some time ago, and it’s been too long neglected. Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

    • Hey, I have that book too. It was actually the motivation behind this post. I bought it forever ago but haven’t made good use of it but think it’s about time I do! Ideally I’ll make the focaccia or homemade crackers instead of those gigantic cinnamon rolls. Have you read his cookbook on pizza? It’s called American Pie and it rocks!

      I really like Mix It Up Monday!! Thanks! Please do play along – I’d love that!!!

      • Ooooh…..you have American Pie? It’s been in my Amazon cart for a while. I’ve been on the fence about buying it because, well, do I really need more pizza in my life? Maybe I should just go ahead and pull the trigger…. I can put lots of veggies on it, right?!

        From the Apprentice book, the only thing I’ve ever made is the brioche — which might as well have just been a cake, considering the ridiculous amount of milk and eggs in there. I think I need to follow your lead on the crackers or focaccia – both of which sound good.

        Here’s to baking (with less sugar!) in 2011

      • You really have buy American Pie! Great neopolitan style (new haven style if you’ve been there) and I love it. Nice sauce recipes too. There’s also new york style crust and chicago style and everywhere else. I think foccaccia recipes too.

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