Ha ha! You Volunteered and I Didn’t!

Because my earlier post was such a huge downer, and the sun has since come out, I feel like I need to break tradition and add a 2nd post to comment on an email that showed up in my inbox a couple of minutes ago.  Yes, 2 in one day after a 3 day  break. I need the levity.

If I’d get off my lazy butt and get a Twitter account I could do a quick one liner and spare you all but alas, I’m twitterless.

Anyway, I was sitting here minding my own business playing FB scrabble when up pops an email with the subject line: “Sock Hop Planning Meeting Thursday!”

Our elementary school does a big fundraiser/sock hop in the spring, complete with hula hoop contests, raffles, a cake walk, the whole 9 yards. I started off volunteering enthusiastically (ok, I sold tickets at the door so I had an easy escape route and could hide my wine under the table but I meant well). Over the years I’ve helped with the cake walk, bingo, door prizes, you name it.

After 9 of them I’ve lost interest. Even my children opt to stay home.

Imagine 400 kids hopped up on cotton candy, pizza, hot dogs and soda running around in poodle skirts and rolled up jeans. Then imagine their parents all hot and sweaty searching for a chair and a beer garden that doesn’t exist except in their wildest hopes and dreams.

This is why I now bake a cake or two for the cake walk and call it good. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.

In the email was this note from the planning chair and co-chair:

“We are both parents of kindergarteners so this event is quite new to us!”

Awww…parents of kindergarteners. They’re so young and naive and willing to help. It’s cute.


5 thoughts on “Ha ha! You Volunteered and I Didn’t!

  1. Fantastic!! (See that? I started with a fucking F!) My daughter is a second semester senior — I haven’t volunteered at school in ages. I will make up for it in a few months tho — helping with the in-school all night “Grad Night Lock In”.

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