I’m A Twit

Alright – I’ve given into peer pressure. I always have, so why stop now?

I set up a Twitter account. I’ve been told I’m supposed to more than once and my mama didn’t raise no fools. Well actually she did, and here I am.

I tried to be lostinthechaos but it was taken. Then I tried lostinchaos without the the, also taken. Marinka suggested ChaosAnnie, yup, taken. Then I tried LostAnnie because at the point, I really was. It worked.

So that’s me. LostAnnie. Or is it @LostAnnie.

I don’t know how to do anything. Hell, I’m still working on a bio that doesn’t make people warn the general public not to follow me.

Do you seasoned veterans have any advice? I have a feeling I’m going to be getting more lost by the second.


11 thoughts on “I’m A Twit

  1. It’s @LostAnnie. Don’t worry, it’s simple. You can start by tweeting when you have a new post. Hell, you could just keep it at that. Or perhaps random thoughts/pictures…like that crocheted underwear or whatever that was back in a previous post…when you get more settled on the tweeting.

      • Oh, they’re so particular about the picture requirements. I have no idea how I got mine to work. I’ve been wanting to change it, but can’t get the picture uploaded. Oh well.

        If you want to hear random thoughts on the DC Public Transportation System and wedding planning, follow me! @jassysays If I can remember to do it today, I’ll come find ya!

  2. Hi, LostAnnie! Are you on Facebook? Start by following your friends or FB friends and join in the conversation. When you see interesting things “RT”‘d, follow those people too — and enjoy the water cooler conversation!

    I’ll go follow you now – I’m @WhyMommy.

  3. Yep I’m with everyone else – just tweet whatever is going on – and I mean everything – in your life and watch the time-sucking-wormhole begin! Just think of what fun tweeting what THAT looks like will be. 🙂

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