Mix It Up Monday – the Tuesday Edition

A couple of weeks ago I asked for a little peer pressure and names for a weekly food post.  Julie came through with a some great names and so did Christy.

I couldn’t decide between Mix it up Monday (courtesy of Christy) or Test Kitchen Tuesday (courtesy of Julie). I loved them both so I gave SG the final vote.

He chose Mix it up Monday since that might give me a little more leeway – like posting it on Tuesday. I suspect he also thought mixed up described me best.

Anyway, I love the name and promise to stick with my vow to bake more. If I don’t, please feel free to harass me about it.

My new Kitchen Aid mixer got here Tuesday and I can already say I love it!! The hand/foot syndrome that’s been bothering my feet for months is starting to move to my hands so not  having to knead anything rocks!

Somewhere over the years I remember being told not to bake bread when it’s raining. I did it anyway and that may explain the mutant look of my baked goods. At least that’s the story I’m going with so be kind.

Besides the new mixer, my youngest 2 begged for some cake decorating tools so I picked up a few. They had a blast decorating anything they could find….including each other. With the cupcakes,I didn’t do anything more than take them out of the oven! My girls rock!

Here’s what we’ve made in the last week:

aren't they cute?

And because we can’t waste perfectly good leftover frosting – cakes! Each girl got her own layer because it’s way too hard to decide who gets the top or the sides.

Compliments of D2

D3's masterpiece

And yes, I do realize I promised to make non-sweet things. Here’s the first – Pull apart herb rolls from the cookbook that came with the mixer.

I'm pretty sure they're supposed to look more edible than this!

And one of my favorites – soft pretzels with sharp cheddar and cracked black pepper, topped with parm:

Had to go with 24 small instead of 12 regular size. Tricks the kids into thinking they got more!

So that’s it. I’ll be more brave next week instead of going with the usual tried and true. Hell, I may even get really ambitious and post it on Monday.

Now excuse me while I go find something to snack on…all of that stuff is gone!


4 thoughts on “Mix It Up Monday – the Tuesday Edition

  1. Those pretzels look awesome! I have an easy pretzel recipe that my daughters love…next time I think we’ll sprinkle some cheese on them, too.

    I’m sorry about the mix up on my twitter list…I found you in a roundabout way through another breast cancer survivor. I couldn’t reply to your message through Twitter since you don’t follow me. 🙂

    • No problem. I saw that then also realized my pic was VERY pink which could have given the same impression. Sorry about the message thing…i didn’t realize you couldn’t reply. I follow you now 🙂

  2. Oooo – those sweeties look tastey! I’m not much of a baker, but my husband loves to make cheese cakes and tinker with other baked goods. I’m thinking … that Kitchen Aid Mixer would make a mighty fine Father’s Day gift for ‘us’ – er I mean him . I can’t wait to see what you whip up next Monday.

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