Why Yes, I am Wearing Pajamas at Noon

Wow, so, it’s one of those days. Not an “OMG, I have cancer day” like I’ve posted about before, but more of a “thank God I had the foresight to buy pretty jammies” sort of day.

I won’t try to kid myself, or anybody else. The hard truth is, I’m not getting dressed today. I lack the energy to lie about it. Heck, if I don’t have the energy to walk down the hall and put on clothes, why would I waste what little I have fooling myself?

So instead, I fondly remember the day I bought the cute long grey and black top that just happens to look quite nice over my jammies. In fact, one might be fooled into thinking I have real life adult clothing on should they happen to show up at my door. If I had any plans to answer it.

And….it has the added effect of hiding the fact that I am in fact, undergarment free. On top. I do have undies on. TMI be damned!

I also got a new pack of headbands in the mail last week. The nice aqua one brings out my un-made up eyes quite nicely thank you very much. The same eyes that should be closed for a good part of the day but probably won’t.

It was a long night. One of those where the freaking digital clock taunted me with its bright flashy hours. Every last one of them.

SG left this me this morning with some very good advice. He said, “Get some rest babe, take a nap. It was a long night for you!”

I love that man! He failed to mention that it was also a long night for him. He had the hourly pleasure of my cold feet seeking his for warmth as I crawled back into bed only to get up again shortly after.

Luckily he has an out-of-the-way office and the ability to power nap the minute his butt hits his chair. I envy that!

Oh the elusive nap I’ve never been able to take. I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried. The only time I can sleep during the day is if I’m post-surgery and drugged up.

So instead, I’ll wrap myself in my oh so comfy jammies with a blanket and Modern Family on Hulu. This is the silver lining to that god awful Nexavar – other than the whole keeping me alive thing. I get to ask myself for permission to do absolutely nothing today.

Guess what? Permission granted!


8 thoughts on “Why Yes, I am Wearing Pajamas at Noon

  1. Hey, I’m still in my pj’s, too! Except I look more like a vagrant than a relaxing mom. Maybe I should do something about that before I go pick up the kids.

  2. I had Monday off from work and stayed in my jammies all day (top under garment free of course) and it was fabulous! We all need a day to lump up and do a whole lot of nothing. Sorry your so tired. Modern Family was a hoot and a half last night. It will charge your batteries up I’m sure.

  3. Oh my. I only showered and dressed an hour ago. And I have no good excuse. : (

    But, good for you! Everybody needs a day like that now and then. And you know what? Being a SAHM, it’s become sort of rare that I utilize undergarments (other than underwear, I must clarify!!). My kids certainly don’t care/notice. It’s good to free the ‘ladies’ once in a while, particularly in the winter when fleece makes a good cover!

    Hope your day of rest served you well. Nothing like Modern Family to make one smile!

    • Thanks – I might even be functioning now (low functioning but still). SAHMdom does have it’s perks. Except on early release thursday. I see a bus. >:/

  4. Oh, man, insomnia and then not being able to sleep during the day! That sucks so bad. But yes. Good TV makes everything seem better. I have’t watched Modern Family in so long…ah, time to watch TV…I miss you.

    ps – I wonder if your aqua headband is as amazing as my purple one that I’ve had for a decade?

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