Mix it up Monday – Mmmm Breakfast!

Today I’m on orange zest overload. Which is actually a good thing because I love me some zesty orange glaze on my breakfast rolls.

I’m pretty sure I said I was going to concentrate on non-sweet things for lunches but my other goal in this baking thing was to make before-school breakfasts a little quicker and easier for Science Guy. He’s sort of taken over that part of the day because I move at the speed of a very tired sloth in the mornings. Which is to say, not at all.

So last night I decided it was time to do the whole make breakfast easier thing and found a recipe for Citrus Bows in one of my favorite cookbooks Above and Beyond Parsley. This is a book I’ve had forever and it also has my favorite recipe for calzone dough! I highly recommend it if you can find a copy. I think it was an anniversary present from my parents in 1994.

Can I just say I’m in love with the dough hook on my mixer? That’s sounds more than a little warped but I love not having to knead dough. Although, here is where I should admit that when I got to the kneading phase pre-mixer and post-hand/foot syndrome, I called for backup. SG and D1 are both old hats at the feel of the perfect dough.

The fun part of this recipe was trying to tie knots in the dough. As you can see by the picture, it was pretty loosely interpreted among my helpers. We had twists, bows, knots, pretzel shapes and even a couple oddly wrapped little balls but that was ok because it was fun.

So here you go – I give you a very poor picture of Citrus Bows. Can you smell the orange zest? 2 tbls in the dough and 1 in the glaze. Our house smelled great!

Mmmm...want one? Please ignore the well used baking sheet.

Hmm – I just realize that last week included the pepper cheese pretzels. I promise that next week I’ll do something that doesn’t involve tying dough.


4 thoughts on “Mix it up Monday – Mmmm Breakfast!

  1. I just found (and bought) ‘the book’ on Amazon! Maybe it was the power of suggestion, and YES the orange zest got me going. But it may just be that I am the Queen of Parsley ~ it HAS to go into every dish, I can’t stop myself. My family goofs on me all the time. Parsley is a cure all to what ails ya, so it appears at every meal. They’ll LOVE to see that cookbook sitting out on the kitchen counter . Thanks Annie!

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