Weekend Musings

Things I’m learning this weekend:

  • Tie dye duct tape makes everyone happy. The kids put their creative minds to work and I don’t have to listen to them argue.
  • Toilet paper on the vanity instead of the roller for the 168th time can truly send me over the edge.
  • We really do have somebody named “Not Me” living at our house – just like Family Circus.
  • He or she is the one responsible for the toilet paper NOT on the roller.
  • It’s best not to handle lavash cracker dough if you’ve recently touched a freshly painted bird house.
  • Acrylic craft paint is not edible.
  • Letting SG drive to do errands is another thing that can send me over the edge!
  • Even though I’m thrilled SG is shoveling and I’m not, the sound of the steel shovel on the driveway makes me think the back of my head may explode.
  • Everything irritates me today.
  • Even though I lack the proper body parts, it would seem I’m still capable of PMS’ing.
  • On weekends, I most resemble that guy in the parade who follows the horses and cleans up their crap.
  • A nice BIG glass of Syrah helps everything unless I leave it sitting around – then SG drinks it.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Tonight I’m making calzones and I have cracker dough rising. Guess what’s on the agenda for Mix it up Monday?


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