Doughnuts or Donuts – They’re Popular Either Way

I don’t know what the deal is with donuts in my search terms lately. One post on doughnut porn and suddenly I’m the go-to girl for all things round and yeasty and put to questionable uses.

There aren’t a lot of fun searches that lead here, although I did get “crochet man thong” not long ago. That has potential.

In the last week though, I’ve gotten these:

  • cardboard donut box  – Is this a high demand item?
  • video top ping donut –  I don’t even know what a top ping donut is, why would I have a video?
  • cock and ball doughnut – ok, I might have actually used that exact term but only in a purely descriptive way. This is like the 4th time I’ve gotten this search. Who knew?

And my personal favorite:

  • “Special” doughnut porn – What exactly do you think that means? Do we want to speculate? What kind of special things do you think they do and should we assume it involves the cock and ball doughnut? Are doughnut holes also a part of what makes it special?

Oh wait, I did get this one yesterday – I’m assuming it’s NOT doughnut porn related but I’ll let you be the judge:

  • Tail in ass pain – It linked to a post about my dog. They may have been disappointed.

I’m glad I didn’t write about clown porn or something!



6 thoughts on “Doughnuts or Donuts – They’re Popular Either Way

  1. Oh just have to comment on this – I too get the wierdest search enquiries ending up on my page “aunties bra”?!? “wings on hair”, “boob jokes”.
    My favourite from today was “my wedding anniversary is 12th february where to stay for special night in the south island of New Zealand.”
    I dont think my blog is quite what they were expecting. but I don’t mind them visiting -I always think well they may have learnt something about IBC.
    I’m starting to keep a log of the more interesting search terms.

    • a log over time would probably be hilarious! that could make a great 1 yr anniversary blog post 😉

      Glad you’re able to be the tourism dept for New Zealand. Shouldn’t they pay you or something?

  2. Personally, I think you are doing too many online searches and you need to get in the kitchen and use that new mixer! You said we had to bug you about it…

    • No G – those weren’t my searches. Those were the search terms that brought people over here 🙂
      I have been in the kitchen, didn’t you see my snazzy calzone pics? They’re lovely. Ok maybe not but they are there, i promise.

  3. Ha ha! In December (which is just a couple of months shy of my one year blogaversary), I did a couple of summary posts on some of the more….interesting, shall we say, search terms that have led people to my site. For a good time, click:


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